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Any of the programmes provided to Local Authorities or Commercial sectors can be delivered to Charities.   As with all training our aim is to make sure it meets your needs.  We appreciate that for Charitable organisations funds may be limited so if you like the look of the training but resources are limited please just give us a call – we can often work with you to provide a delivery at a mutually advantageous time that helps everyone get a better deal.

How we work.

Courses are designed around the specific needs of the client.  While some clients provide a clear brief and know exactly what they want delivered, others have identified a need for training but haven’t yet formulated their ideas.  Either way is fine.  When your brief is clear we work to that brief to include elements or design new modules to meet that brief.

Where the client isn’t quite sure what they want we take time to talk with you to find out what issues staff are encountering and from there we can usually suggest suitable modules.

Sometimes, particularly forward thinking clients train staff as a precautionary measure.  For staff in potentially high risk roles, even where incidents haven’t occurred, some organisations like to make sure they’ve covered all bases.  This is particularly true of organisations that employ lone workers where the risk is obvious but latent.

Another way of ensuring the best possible delivery, is for us to work with your risk assessments.  We often see organisations that have put a lot of time and effort into designing assessments, only to find they are not read by the staff they are designed to protect.  Even though staff should be cognisant of their organisation’s policies and procedures, quite often they aren’t.  If that’s the case we can build our programme around your procedures to help bring them to life.

Whichever route we take, once the proposal is designed we give you time to review it.  It’s important that the training is exactly right, so we’re happy to make whatever revisions you need.  There is no additional charge for designing a bespoke programme; this service it is included in the quoted price.  The more information you can share with us, the better able we are to design something that meets your needs.

Once a programme is finalised we leave it with you to get back in touch to book a date.  We usually take bookings two months ahead, though for more popular times of the year our lead times can be slightly longer.

Training is delivered at your premises and we recommend group sizes of 15-18 people. Part of what we aim to do in the training is to share experiences within the group.  It’s frequently the case that delegates have skills or expertise of dealing with conflict which can be shared across the group – a valuable resource to be exploited during the training.  Too few attendees and the pool of personal expertise is limited, too many and some attendees don’t contribute.  All we need to deliver the training is a suitable room with projector screen flip chart, paper and pens.  We bring course notes and all training materials.  Course duration can be a day, half day and ‘short courses’ can also be delivered as an evening presentation.

All of the above is part of our service, there is no additional charge to make sure we get the course exactly right for you as it’s important to us to provide the best possible training for clients (and just as a matter of interest 68% of our clients have come via word of mouth recommendation!)

Finally as a bolt on service we can examine your risk assessments and make recommendations for changes, revise policies and procedures for you or draft risk reduction policies for you.  If this is something you think you’d like covered please ask for prices.

Additional material – not sure whether to include this or not.

For some organisations the priority is to provide frontline staff with the skills to manage challenging behaviour, while for others the priority may be to discourage over zealousness. Once we have an idea from you what you are looking to address the final programme is then designed around those specific requirements.  Our experience has taught us that no two organisations are exactly alike, our aim is to work with you to meet your needs exactly.

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