Leadership & Management Training Courses

Our leadership & management training courses offer a wide variety of staff training on management level skills…


Team Building

No one is perfect but a team can be. By examining ways to segment and deploy tasks and considering staff strengths in relation to team roles, learn ways to motivate staff and make the most effective use of your team.


Performance Management

Understand how to set and communicate clear goals for each member of staff. Examine ways to monitor performance against the goals set and how they will impact on achieving your organisation’s targets.


Presentation Skills

Students will consider what makes a good presentation, how to structure what you want to say and how to deliver it. Feedback will be provided together with a recording of their delivery so learners have the opportunity for reflection post training.


Project Management

Examination of the life cycle of a project from design to completion. Programme to include risk assessment, scoping, roles and responsibilities, identifying the critical path to completion, monitoring and closure.In this course the processes considered can equally be applied to task management as well as more in depth projects.


Managing Stress

As a manager you are responsible for managing the stress of others, as identified by the HSE. This session considers the impact of stress on yourself and others and practical tips on how to manage it in practice. (Deals with legal the requirements in relation to stress management).


Change Management

Particularly important in the current economic climate, this day long programme is designed to enable organisations to identify the risks they face and to see where the opportunities for future growth may lie. Explore how people behave as they work through change and learn how to successfully manage this process.


Coaching Skills

Learn about coaching, how this differs from mentoring and how to use it effectively to improve performance. The skills involved in successful coaching and one of the most popular coaching models will be developed during the day.

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