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Particularly popular with those about to leave school and live independently for the first time our courses for young people are often delivered in conjunction with ‘Independence Day’ activities.


Despite what you might read in the press, violent crime against the individual is statistically rare. Although only 4% of the population ever become a victim of an assault, for anyone who has been attacked, even where there is no lasting physical damage, the experience remains with the individual for the rest of their lives.  It often comes as a surprise to young people to hear that statistically they are the most vulnerable to attack of any age group (16-24 year olds) and young men are almost twice as likely to be a victim as young women, though women are not immune from assault.

Few appreciate that criminals are not ‘opportunists’ in the true sense of the word, rather they ‘plan’ or even ‘risk assess’ an attack.  By being more aware of the type of person likely to be ‘selected’ and avoiding high risk locations it is possible to reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

A simple one hour programme designed with the needs of young people in mind doesn’t pull any punches and certainly won’t put your students to sleep!  For more information or to see comments provided by some of those who attended our training please follow the link.

Students street survival skills

Great training – really enjoyed it!

‘He’s like the dude from ‘Taken’’ (Comment from student at Silverdale School Sheffield).

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