Duration 2 hours
Group size up to 50 Delegates
Costing from £395 per day

This training is usually held at the actual school or College premises

Course Overview

The aim of this training is to prepare teenagers to stay safe by equipping them to identify and avoid dangerous situation or individuals when the move into new and unfamiliar environment.

Learning Outcomes:

In one two- hour session you will learn how to:

  • Explain what is meant by the term “reasonable force”
  • Identify the different states of awareness
  • Identify the “danger triangle”
  • Read aggressive body language and identify the “warning/danger signs” that often precede an attack.
  • Take action to improve safety whilst travelling
  • Identify potential danger in relation to the use of mobile phones and social media
  • Carry out a “dynamic risk assessment” whilst out and about
  • Avoid date/drug rape
  • Handle aggressive posturing/confrontation (Fronting up) to prevent escalation.
  • Execute a non- physical tactical escape
  • Execute simple but effective disengagement/breakaway techniques
  • Defend any physical action taken morally, ethically and legally

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    What people say about this course

    Thank you for contributing to our ‘Independence Day’ held at Sheffield University. Without exception your session proved to be the most popular once again.

    Joan Shaw, Silverdale School Sheffield

    We booked Brooks Jordan as part of a scheduled Personal Safety Day for our Year 11 students, with the aim of preparing them for the potential risks associated with the greater freedom and autonomy they begin to experience as they move into adulthood. We were looking to provide our students with some practical advice and techniques to enable them to avoid and manage possible threats to their personal safety when in the community, particularly in the evenings.

    The Year 11 sessions were very successful; student feedback was positive and supervising staff supported the view that the Brooks Jordan sessions were excellent. Students were taught to understand aggressive body language and how to use their own body language to de-escalate potentially aggressive situations. Following this success, we decided to book them again to train Year 13 students, this time focusing specifically on preparing students for moving away to University. The trainers shared their knowledge of crimes commonly committed against students and gave advice on how to avoid common pitfalls. Our Sixth Formers appreciated the opportunity to discuss strategies and techniques and found the chance to practice breakaway techniques both enjoyable and empowering.

    Sally Welling’s Marketing Director St Bede’s School Trust

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