Duration 1 Day
Costing £695 per day
Group size up to 18 Delegates

We provide training for groups of staff at your premises.

Course Overview:

Sadly, dealing with abusive or aggressive behaviour – both verbal and physical – is now a major concern to both employers and employees alike. There has been a sharp increase in recent years of reports of violence on the streets, which often carries over into the workplace. The consequences can be severe for both staff and employers:

Our Personal Safety course is aimed at public and private sector employees who are at risk of verbal or physical aggression in the workplace. We work with delegates to identify and discuss situations where risks could arise and how they might cope when put under duress or in danger. We allow time for problem sharing and there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions. The course takes place in the safety of a classroom environment is delivered by qualified Personal Safety trainers.

Learning outcomes:

In just a one-day you will learn how to:

  • Recognise potential risks in the workplace
  • To identify and avoid these risks
  • Protect yourself from litigation by being aware of their rights and duties under the Health & Safety at Work Act and the importance of adhering to the organisations policies & procedures.
  • Identify warning and danger signs which precede an attack
  • Identify High risk activities make a tactical withdrawal
  • Gauge levels of risk – know when it is safe to carry out duties and when to withdraw
  • Carry out a lone working dynamic risk assessment
  • Use effective diffusion techniques
  • Complete a critical incident report

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    What people have said about this course:

    Actually, I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this course, It is definitely not a stereotypical boring health and safety training course. I think I have learned a lot more and will be able to help in a conflict situation. Wish I could have done this sooner.

    Sophie Maidment, Green Doctor

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