Duration Half Day
£495 per half day
Group size up to14 Delegates
We provide training for groups of staff at NHS premises

Trainers qualification: NHS Counter Fraud & Security Conflict Management Familiarisation Certification Number CRT/FS/347

Course overview:

This Breakaway Skills training course has been designed to protect NHS employees who are at risk from physical attack by service users. The course also covers their rights and responsibilities under current UK/ European law and specific duties/responsibilities in relation to acts/omissions under the Health & Safety at Work Act for both employers and employees.

Delegates will be introduced to the law relating to the use of force for self-protection and protection of others. Delegate will be tasked to practice simple effective mechanically sound non-pain disengagement techniques.

Learning Outcomes:

In one half-day you will learn how to:

  • Describe the factors which could influence and affect your personal safety & environment.
  • Explain communication skills which can assist in de-escalating a violent/aggressive situation.
  • Apply the practical use of breakaway techniques enabling escape from grabs/hold and strike without causing harm to self or others involved.
  • Define the term ‘assault’.
  • Explain the relevance of clinical risk assessment within the management of potentially violent/aggressive situations.
  • State employer and employee responsibilities with regard to relevant health and safety legislation.
  • Explain legal, moral and ethical issues associated with the management of violence and aggression.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of local reporting policies and procedures
  • Use simple and effective ways to escape from different types of physical attack

Delegate who complete this course will be issued with a certificate of competence by one of our NHS counter Fraud Conflict Management Familiarisation Certificated instructors.

Update/Refresher Training Update/refresher training for employees should be prioritised based upon risk assessment. However, it is a requirement of the Passport Scheme that it takes place, for module C, as a minimum every 2 year. If an employee’s role changes or it is identified after initial training that they do not actually require this level of training then it is not necessary to update them in this particular module.

Violence and Aggression Training Passport and Information Scheme 27 PART 3: Records of raining training 1. It is important that adequate records of training are maintained by Trusts and Local Health authorities.

What the commissioning organisation have said about this course

Many thanks – fantastic feedback.
Lisa Jones
Learning and Development Officer, Public Health Wales

What the delegates said about this training:

Brilliant trainers – very informative and enthusiastic -thank you Joanna Locke St Davids Park NHS Wales

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