Duration 1 Day
Group size up to 18 Delegates
Costing £795 per day

We provide training for groups of staff at your premises

Course Overview

This course is ideal for you or your staff if there is a potential for encountering aggressive or highly charged service uses

This training aims to identify the route cause of conflict being experienced by staff.

This can be achieved by conducting a “Root Cause Analysis (RCA)” prior to and during the training.

Prior to the training the organisation is tasked to provide details of the actual conflict situation/encounters which staff are encountering. Sight of risk assessments, working policies and procedures is requested.

During the training delegates will be tasked to revisit previous confrontational encounters and consider what went wrong or what went right.

Using the skills introduced to them during the training delegates will consider how they could adopt these to achieve a better outcome in future.

Learning Outcomes:

In this course your staff will learn how to:

  • Identify conflict and the situations that cause it
  • Describe the common causes of conflict
  • Confidently deal with aggression and safely manage agitated/angry service users
  • Improve your knowledge of aggressive body language body language.
  • Use a range of communication skills that will defuse conflict reducing the risk of physical assault.
  • Give examples of communication breakdown
  • Explain the difference between Warning & danger signs
  • Identify issues which could put them in breach of health and safety legislation and other criminal law.
  • Describe the appropriate use of distance when dealing with conflict
  • Explain the use of ‘reasonable force’ as it applies to conflict management
  • Describe different strategies for dealing with possible conflict situations

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    What people say about this course

    A well-presented course on handling conflict in the job. The trainers dealt very well with identifying the early warning signs which may precede physical assault and danger signs indicating when an assault may be imminent. They provided practical guidance on how best to diffuse fraught situations. The whole course was pitched at just the right level. A very worthwhile & informative course.

    Kevin Stace, North Yorkshire County Council Regulatory Services

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