Duration 1 Day
Costing £795 per day
Group size up to14 Delegates
We provide training for groups of staff at your premises

This course is ideal for you if: there is potential for you to be subjected to threatening behaviour or physical aggression in your work place.

Course overview:

This Breakaway Skills training course is aimed at public and private sector employees who are at risk from physical attack by customers or service users. The course also covers their rights and responsibilities under current UK/ European law and specific duties/responsibilities in relation to acts/omissions under the Health & Safety at Work Act for both employers and employees.

Delegates will be introduced to the law relating to the use of force for self-protection and protection of others. Delegate will be tasked to practice simple effective mechanically sound non-pain disengagement techniques.

Learning Outcomes:

In one day you will learn how to

  • Use simple and effective ways to escape from different types of physical attack
  • Ensure your own and your colleagues safety
  • Apply functional/Active palms to protect your personal space
  • Release from common grabs/holds without causing damage to self or others
  • Avoid & defend from strikes
  • Adopt tactical positioning
  • Work in pairs and as a team with safely as a priority
  • Utilise and adopt a tactical nonphysical escape
  • Defend any physical action taken morally, ethically and legally.

What people say about this course

I really enjoyed the training and now feel confident that I will be able to escape from wrist holds or strangles with no trouble at all.

James Colwell, Lever Brothers

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